1. Can you summon the loved one I am hoping to connect with?
If you are looking to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I cannot guarantee that they will “show up” in a reading though they usually do. To better understand the process of mediumship is like two telephones. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver without any dial. I can only receive the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time based on their own free will. The more open-hearted and open-minded you are, the clearer the messages will be for you.

Please DO NOT leave phone messages saying whom it is you wish to communicate, and giving all the pertinent details about that loved one.  It’s my job to tell you who it is that comes through in the reading, to give you the authenticity and validation that it is, indeed, a loved one of yours.

The less I know about your loved ones the better it is for me to remain objective in order for the messages to flow as they should, and to be sure that you did not influence me in any way. The only thing I ask is that you participate in the reading by responding if the information is accurate. The best way to have a successful reading is by keeping your thoughts loving and positive so you can have an evidential and enlightening experience. Please do have patience during a reading. Sometimes other spirits come through as well, such as other family members (whether you knew them well or barely knew them), friends, a co-worker, a neighbor, or beloved pets, before the person with whom you are looking to communicate. And their messages can be very healing to those who need to hear it, and are just as equally important as any other spirit.

2. Can you do an accurate reading by telephone, and how do you communicate to Spirits?
Yes, I have done thousands of readings by telephone all over the world for nearly 20 years, and they are just as accurate as if you were getting the reading in person. The best way I can explain how telephone readings work is simple: It is like being on a 3-way phone call between with you, me, and your loved ones. Spirits can make contact and communicate anywhere, at any time, for there is no time or space in the spirit worlds for them to connect with us.

Here is a great example of how telephone readings work: You go to see a music artist/band you like in concert at an arena in one city one week, and then see them perform in a small club in another city another week. It is the same band of musicians, with the same or similiar set list of songs in just a different venue. They are still performing as is. The only difference is the venue, sound system and the audience.

All spirits communicate by telepathy in the form of thoughts and feelings, so when I hear them it is in my heart and my mind (not my ears), and when I see them it’s in my mind’s eye (like watching a movie). Also, “time” has no relevance whether the spirit transitioned a day ago or a hundred years ago. There is no time in the spirit world.

3. Are our loved ones with us all the time and do the help us from the Spirit World?
I always tell my clients that, as with the physical world, that our loved ones are not with us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, but they are often there when we need them most. Our guardian angels and guides are always looking after and guiding us on our journey through life.

Our loved ones in the spirit worlds do share in our life here, and in many of my readings spirits will acknowledge being around their loved ones during difficult times, lending their support and strength as well as confirm and give evidence that they were present to for a loved one who got married or gave birth to a new baby. Our loved ones do attend Holidays and other occassions with us as well.

We must remember that our loved ones have their own learning, growing and progressing to do. They are also very involved in many causal things on Earth. One thing is that our loved ones can not always “fix” or interfere in our own journey as souls in human form on earth for our own life lessons to experience and learn. We are the only ones responsible for our lives. It’s not a loved one’s job to tell you what to do or to do it for you even though they often give guidance for your life. It is not my job to tell you what to do with your life either. You have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your choices and actions.

4. Do you predict the future?
There have been many readings where I have made predictions via the spirits, and they have happened, though at the time given the client will usually dismiss the information until it becomes a reality. The thing with predicting the “future” is that you are in control of it, for you are the writer, director, producer, and actor of your own life script. The “future” can be an illusion in some ways, and you have the power within yourself to change it very much like changing clothing. Always remember to be present in the “Here and Now.”

5. How do Spirits appear to you, and do you get names?
Every time I link with a spirit they appear to me in a way that you would remember them by visual and personality traits. They also appear to me in a way that I can relate to them. Many spirits do give me their names, and others do not. To many spirits, their name is just a title as identity in the physical world. Let’s say your loved one in spirit has a name that I can not pronounce, it easier for them to show me “The Louvre” to let me know they are from France. Their personalities and words are the most identifiable to me for validation more so than a spirit’s name being Joe. Also do keep in my mind that Spirits have as much free will as you and I do, and I can not make any spirit tell me something that your ears want to hear when they choose not to communicate about it.

6. Do you see Spirits all the time?
These are questions that I am asked often. One of the biggest misconceptions people have of me is that they assume I see and hear Spirits in non-physical dimensions everywhere I go. When I am conducting a reading it is there, and when I am not conducting a reading, it is not, simply because I have other interests in my life such as my own loved ones to experience and enjoy. Though, I do see and hear physically living Spirits all the time on earth. (-:

7. Where is the Spirit World?
The Spirit World is not above or below us. It’s all around us. Everything is made up of energy and vibrations. The vibration of the physical world is slow and dense, whereas the spirit world vibrates at a much higher rate. There is a thin layer between this world and the spirit world of multi-dimensions, and the only thing that separates them from us is the frequency of the vibrations. A great example of this is a radio or a television. Turn on the radio or television and the programs are there. Turn it off, and it is still there even when you are not hearing or seeing it.

8. What do Spirits do in the Spirit World?
Every spirit that I have communicated with has a purpose and mission in the spirit dimensions. You would be very surprised to know how many spirits are very active in what is happening in our world on a daily basis. They do have a social life and do many things that they enjoyed here, as well as partake in activities they either experienced in previous lifetimes as well as ones they did not in their last lifetime. They are also learning lessons from Ascended Masters in non-physical dimensions.

9. What is a “blueprint” or “book of life”?
A “blueprint” or “book of life” is a recorded script that we write in the spirit world before incarnating to Earth. Each and every one of us has a life script. We are the writers, actors, directors, and producers of our life script, and we as souls choose the following for experience: parents, birth place, spouses, children, careers, homes, friends,, finances, social and cultural interests, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, as well as the cause of physical death.

10. Do animals, infants, and people who did not speak English communicate with a medium?
They most certainly do because communications from human and animal spirits are thoughts, and those thoughts are universal in language just like the way music is universal in all languages. I often use the example of Jesus of Nazareth to people. In his day he only spoke a language called Aramaic. Since he has been in spirit, millions of people worldwide pray to him daily in their native language and yet he understands and communicates to all of them.

11. What if I did not know an in-law relative, how do the Spirits know who I am?
This is an easy answer. If you are having a reading with a medium like myself and your in-law “shows up” whom you did not know personally, they fully know who you are because you are connected to their loved one. Even when it is a loved one who you did know personally, did you ever wonder how your loved ones in the spirit world know who the mediums are that they are connecting with when they most likely never met each other?
12. What is the consultation with families of intuitve children?
I have always been drawn to helping families who have children that are psychic, beings I myself went through it as a child. I educate families about the spirit world, and the intuitive abilities that children have to better understand what their child or children are experiencing. I also educate the children about their abilities and gifts, and how to handle it in the physical world among other people.

13. Does everyone have intuitive ability and are they able to communicate with Spirits?
The answer to this question is yes everyone has intuitive ability. We have six senses as oppose to the five that most people relate with. Does this mean that any person should be a spiritual counselor for a career? Not necessarily so. First of all it is a calling and secondly there is a big responsibility in doing readings for people. It is like being a pilot of an airplane carrying passengers with their lives in your hands.

14. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A psychic is like a primary medical doctor, and a medium is like a specialist yet they are both doctors with different training.

15. How do I get an appointment with you, and how often should I get a reading?
To schedule a reading call 1-212-496-3151 or e-mail the address below with your name and phone number and write READING in the subject line of the e-mail.
International clients e-mail: AuraOfGrace@aol.com

How often you should get a reading is entirely up to you though I do recommend that you do not do it on a regular basis. Communicating with spirits is not an instant cure or quick fix for the bereavement process, and no legitimate medium like myself wants someone to become a “psychic junkie”.

I look forward to connecting you with your loved ones. Remember that the bonds of love never die between us and our loved ones. They are only a heartbeat and a thought away. All the best of everything everyday in every way to each of you.